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Auto Insurance

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When you have a car, you need insurance because it is very important for your safety. You must also know the coverage levels of your insurance; in the USA we have:
  • Insured Party. This level pays only for the medical treatments.

  • Insured Vehicle. This level pays only for the physical damage in the car.

  • Third Parties. This level covers car, people, property, and body injuries.

  • Third Party. This level covers damages that result from fire and theft.

When you look for insurance, you have to know what things affect the insurance rates such as:
  • Location. Each city has its own possibilities of accidents and insurance rates change proportionally to this.

  • Vehicle. Rates are proportional to the price of your vehicle.

  • Driving Records. If you are prone to accidents, your rates will be higher.

  • Safety Features. If your car is safe, your rates will be lower.

  • Age. People under 25 years of age have higher rates because their driving records are poor and don't have much experience.

  • Gender. Men are more aggressive drivers than women; because of that, men will have higher insurance rates.
Each company can vary rates. Good luck looking for your car insurance.