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Buying or selling cars

Buying or selling cars

Selling cars

It is recommended to visit the DMV office and ask for a pamphlet on selling your car. It is easier to do it by Internet.


  1. Evaluate the car
    An important step, is taking an honest look at the marketability of the car people have for sale. A car with popular make and model, probably will sell more quickly than a car don't. In other case people have to be prepared to do a little research to find the best markets for their car.

    After that you can take the time to research the going rate for the car through a company such as the “Kelley Blue Book”. All of these things will help you to know where and how to market your car, and also have real expectations of the money you will get from the sale of your car.

  2. Determine Your Asking Price
    Two things that can help people to determine the going rate for their car is scouring the classifieds for comparable vehicles and search the websites about used car. Of course the information people look for must be similar to the make, model and year of the car.

    After having a range of prices it is also important to consider the mileage, condition and special features of the car. If the car has had recently cosmetic or mechanical improvements, it is reasonable that the price of the car increase accordingly the improvements have made. For instance, a rebuilt engine or a replaced transmission (still under warranty) adds value to the car.

    It is a good idea to save the paperwork regarding any major work in order to show it to buyers. Once the price is established it is recommended to boost the price by a few hundred dollars. It will allow sellers provide a bit of negotiating room with potential buyers.