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Car maintenance

car maintenance

Always it is good to save money, and why not saving money on car maintenance? There are tasks that people can make by themselves and this way the costs associated with the maintenance of the car can be reduced. These tasks are the following:
  • Comparing costs before going to the car dealer for oil changes and repairs.
    Generally, an independent oil change company charges less for regular oil changes and it is possible that it offers discounts throughout the year. It also applies to car repairs. An independent mechanic charges less for the same work that dealers would do and there is also the possibility to negotiate cost.

  • Replacing the car’s wiper blades yourself.
    It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. First, buy wipers on sale at a discount auto parts store, then follow the instructions that are on the car’s manual or in the wiper blade package.

  • Replacing the car’s air filter,
    It is recommended to replace car’s air filter at least every 30,000 kilometres. Air filters can be purchased at a discount auto parts store. It also takes few minutes and the instructions to be followed are in the cars’ manual or in the air filter package.

  • Learning how to change a tire.
    It is recommended to check if tires are in good conditions regularly and make it sure that they are properly inflated. Change a tire it is easier and faster and it can result cheaper than paying for the emergency roadside assistance fees. It is possible to learn this easy task and other basic car maintenance taking small courses.

  • Checking that tires are properly inflated.
    Wasting of gas can be caused by tires inflated improperly. Generally all gas stations have free air pump facilities, so if it needed to add air to the tires, simply ask for assistance there. That service is typically free.

  • Checking the fuel filter.
  • A task that can help drivers saving money in car maintenance is replacing the fuel filter at least every two years or as the manufacturer’s schedule recommend. If the fuel filter is not replaced it can be clogged with grit, this can cause wear down the car faster and the costly repairs.

  • Keeping a maintenance log of the car’s repair history
    it is a good idea to store the receipts and keeping a log of the car’s maintenance. Doing this it is possible to know exactly when have been gotten those new tires for instance and determine if something is not correct with a job done or the timing of maintenance work.

  • don't overpay on the car insurance.
    The reviewing of the insurance coverage with a licensed insurance professional can be done regularly. There are useful websites to check the current rate against the lowest rate available from around 30 competing insurers.