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Car rental

Car rental

Renting a car

People rent a car to use it over a specified frame of time such as on business trips or vacations. They pay for that.

Tips on car rental

  • Look for the best rental rates imply shop around. Comparing all fees before renting will help to find the best rate.

  • Check and inspect carefully the car. In case there has been found something damaged, it must be notified to the rental agency representative. She/he must to indicate on the rental agreement that the damage was found or existed before renting the car.

  • Collision and Liability Insurance: Generally car rental contracts make the person who rent the car liable for all damage to the car, no matter who caused it. Before renting a car, people have to check with their own car Insurance Company if they already have coverage for car rental damages.

  • Check refuelling policies. Generally, people can choose to refill cars at a local gas station, let the car rental agency refuel the car (in this case the price is generally higher, because agencies have different price).

  • It is a good idea to contact the state or local consumer protection agency for getting information regarding state law or to report problems with the car rental.