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Driving tests

Driving tests

If you want a driving license, you have to do an exam; you will take the exam in two parts hereby mentioned:
  • Theory test.
    You have to answer some questions about driving rules and road signals.

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  • Practical test.
    You can go for this test only if you pass the theory test. You will show your car control. You also have to answer some questions about the vehicle safety and maintenance (tires, breaks, indicators, lights, horns, mirrors). If you don't have this test after a certain time, you have to take the theory test again.

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Some countries have other tests that indicate who's able to drive and who's not; these tests help exclude people with serious difficulty to drive or to put limitations in the license category that people are able to obtain.

If you fail the test at first, you can have it again but the waiting time varies in each country.

Tips for your driving test

  • Practicing a lot helps you to improve your confidence.

  • Practicing with someone experienced as a co-driver helps you to identify about your mistakes and to correct them.

  • Asking questions about any confusing situation helps you to improve your driving level.

  • When you're practicing, you must think about the last mistakes so you do not commit them again.

  • Follow the tips for a safe driving. Some of them are hereby mentioned:
    • Driving defensively helps you to avoid accidents.
    • When you follow another car, you have to stay at a safe distance from it. This helps you to have enough time for reacting when something dangerous happens.
    • Obeying the traffic signal helps you to avoid dangerous situations.
    • Looking around helps you to detect potential hazards.
These are the main tips for your driving. If you follow all of them, you will pass the test. Good luck with your driving test!