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Fruequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

We intend to give you answers to the most common questions regarding traffic schools. Remember that consulting the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) manuals of your state is important.

What are traffic schools for?

When drivers get a ticket for some basic moving violation, depending on their state, the Court may give them the chance to attend to a traffic school. After completing the course successfully, moving violations are dismissed from driving records or a few points are assessed on it. In some states, discounts are offered for attending traffic schools.

What are traffic school courses about?

The topics of the courses that take around 6-8 hours are about traffic law reviews, safe driving practices, defensive driving, dangers of speeding and others. The class includes short videos on the subject. Once the course is finished, there is an examination at the end of the course (in most cases).

Who attend traffic schools?

Drivers who have committed traffic violations when the vehicle was in motion are able to attend traffic schools. The case is different when drivers get a ticket for a parking violation that implies the owner of the vehicle directly, in this case it won't be possible to go to a traffic school because it is a non-moving violation. Speed limit is the most common moving violation.

There is a rule which sets that drivers can attend traffic schools once every eighteen months (considering the driver's last violation). People with a commercial driver's license are not able to attend a traffic school. There is a courtesy notice that drivers receive to attend a traffic school, the amount drivers have to pay to traffic school listed on the courtesy note. Only after the Court sends a request to attend a traffic school, drivers can sign up at an approved traffic school.

People can also attend traffic schools to refresh their knowledge about driving laws.

What are the benefits of traffic schools?

Drivers receive a certain number of points on a driving record that depends on the moving violation they committed. The main benefit of attending traffic schools is to keep the violation off their driving record, this way prevent the insurance rates increase. Generally insurance companies increase their rates for people who have many points in their driving record for moving violations.

More information about why take a traffic school

Where can people attend traffic schools?

The courses offered by traffic schools are available in both, traditional classrooms and online formats. Depending on the estate, online traffic schools are allowed. Check the information of each state to know if online traffic courses are approved is needed.