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Traffic signs

Traffic signs

Do we want to drive safely? Then there are important things to take into account to make this happen. Traffic signs (road signs) are some of the very important things we must know and remember when driving. These traffic signs provide drivers and other road users with useful information about traffic laws concerning speed limit, parking and others.

The signs have shapes and colors that help people to understand what they mean easily. Generally, these signs use symbols instead of words and they are based on international protocols. Because traffic on the road has increased in many countries last years, if one wants to be a safe driver, it is important one understands the meaning of traffic signs.

Traffic signs assist drivers significantly. For instance, these indicate the correct lane which drivers should take, which driver has the right of way among others. There is no doubt that in the world of vehicles and roads, they are indispensable. They play an essential role in the safety of drivers which is why reviewing information about this, is worth. We invite you to review this helpful guide and start by the following sections:
  • Signs. Find information about regulatory, warning and guide signs.

  • Traffic signals. Find relevant information about signals at intersections, pedestrian signals, lane signs, etc.

  • Road marking. It describes the meaning of markings which differs according to the color, pattern, etc. Stop Lines, crosswalks, edge lines are also described here.

  • Right-of-way laws. The most important basis information about rules that help people to drive safety.
traffic signals
Traffic signs are mainly used to organize the traffic flow, warn people against hazards, and to notify people of roadway services.
 Traffic Signals
Traffic signals warn and regulate the flow of traffic that includes bicycles, motor vehicles and pedestrians among other road users.
road marking
right of a way
Also known as pavement markings serves to warn and direct drivers and also regulate road traffic. Information about yellow and white lines.
 Right of Way
Road users like bicyclists, motor vehicles drivers, pedestrians must take into consideration right-of-way rules.