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Driving Security

driving safety

Statistical data shows that the number of traffic accidents has grown; there are more children, women and men seriously injured or killed on roads every year. Many people are unaware of driving safety, and do not follow the minimum safety rules; otherwise, they could avoid causing these injuries and deaths. Every driver must understand the responsibility that driving a car bring with it.

There are currently many driving schools where to learn how to be a responsible driver; however, many people attend driving schools only to learn how to drive, they are not worried about learning the rules and minimum standards of driving that could save their lives in case of an accident.

A responsible driver must always be concerned for the safety of: oneself, one's passengers and all other road users. If a driver is tolerant, he/she must remember that everyone is entitled to use the road.

Drivers should plan their actions well ahead of time to avoid causing danger or inconveniences and so drivers may avoid responding hastily if they have a problem. Drivers must have 100% concentration, because the risk of making mistakes increases if one lets one's mind wander. One must avoid driving if one feels unwell or tired, is thinking about something else, is annoyed or upset or is suffering from stress.

Traffic rules are very simply and, still, many drivers forget them; when drivers understand that their actions affect the actions of other drivers, the rate of traffic accident will decrease. However, accidents are always possible, even the most expert and careful drivers are not free of them, but drivers should know that prevention is the best way to avoid accidents so they must be aware of the responsibility of driving.

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