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Weather conditions

weather conditions driving

Nowadays, there are many causes of accidents such as drunk driving, poor condition of the roads, mechanical defects and bad weather conditions. Although, drunk driving is one of the most important causes of accidents in most countries, bad weather conditions are one that we should not ignore because when the weather turns bad, there are more chances to have a traffic accident.

Throughout the world, drivers must contend with the climate, some of the most important climate factors that cause accidents are:
  • Rain has been the cause of thousands of accidents around the world; it can cause loss of visibility and traction on the roads.
  • Snow, Icy roads can cause us to lose tire traction.
  • Fog reduces visibility.
Nothing guarantees we will not have an accident when driving, but if we take the necessary precautions, there is nothing to worry about.

These are some tips for bad-weather driving.
  • Turn on your lights.
  • Be extra cautious at intersections.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Never drive beyond the limits of visibility.
Keep your tires inflated at the right pressure.