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Driving records


Driving records in USA

In the States, all driving records are administered by Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in each state.

Fees to see someone driver license vary across the States. Conditions on who can check someone’s else driver‘s record are regulated by federal law. Certainly, you can see your own file. Mostly, driver’s records are used for pre-employment check.

The records includes a driver’s license number, driving history for a selected period (that varies by State), moving violations, number of accidents, if a candidate drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, license suspension or revocations, summary of points, last reported address, etc. Basically, it contains data from all 50 states.

Driving records in UK

Of you would like to get a history of driving violations you can make an official request for court records at a local court system office.

Another way that you can find driving records is to check the UK General Records Office (government agency) that administers lot of official public records in the UK. You can request the records through its website.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional. Such professional can find it quicker as he/she knows where to seek as well as has a better access to court records because some records may be accessed just by a person involved or by official authorised agency.