Speeding Ticket Fines

Traffic ticket

Speeding Ticket Fines in USA

From state to state, speeding ticket costs vary. Basically, the cost depends on how much over the speed limit you were driving at. Mostly the fines cost around a hundred dollars. The other cost of a speeding ticket is that your motor vehicle insurance premium can increase for up to 3 years.

In case of doubling the speed limit or if the officer thinks the speeding was reckless (especially in a school zone) you can be taken to jail in some states.

In case of your first offense, it is better to ask for traffic school attendance. This can dismiss the ticket of your record and markedly reduce any fines.

Speeding Ticket Fines in UK

If you're caught speeding in the UK, the action taken will depend on various factors, but mostly on how far you were exceeding the speed limit. Commonly, if you exceed the speed limit about 5-9 miles per hour (8 to 14.5 km/h) you will be given a speeding ticket (a Fixed Penalty Notice). The speeding ticket consists of a fine of £60 and three penalty points. If you admit speeding, a Fixed Penalty Notice is the minimum penalty.

Nevertheless, if you exceed the speed limit about 15-26 mph or more, you should get ready for a prosecution, which means that you will have to go to court, and if you lose, the court can give you a fine of up to £1,000 (£2,500 in case you were speeding on the motorway), between three and six points on your driving licence, and a possible driving disqualification.