What is traffic school ?

Traffic School

When a driver is ticketed for a basic moving violation, in most of the states the court may offer the opportunity to attend a traffic school. Traffic schools offer courses regarding traffic safety and laws traffic reviews. It takes usually from 6-8 hours. After completing a successfully course, It could be that the moving violation will be dismissed or fewer points will be assessed on the driving record. It depends on the state where the moving violation has been got. Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who attend traffic school.

Drivers who are able to attend a traffic schools means they have committed any violation of the law when the vehicle was in motion. The case will be different if drivers get a ticket for a parking violation, that implies the owner of the vehicle. The most common moving violation is speeding limit, which occurs when drivers exceed a limit or simply drives an unsafe speed.

The classes in a traffic schools cover subjects such as safe driving practices, defensive driving, dangers of speeding, driving laws and others. A course commonly consists of several lectures about the traffic laws and safe driving habits as printed in the DMV driver manual. During the class, short videos on the subject matter can be shown. At the end a test is generally given. It is not mandatory passing the test but it must be taken. Classes usually last up to eight hours.

Depending on the moving violation, a person will receive a number of points on his or her driving record. Generally, the benefit and advantage of attending traffic schools is to keep a violation off the driving record and prevent the insurance rates from increasing. Insurance companies check the number of points that there are on a driver's record and may raise his or her rates if there is a high number of points. If a driver accumulates a certain number of points, his or her license may be suspended.

Traffic School Price
  Traffic School Price