Why attend Traffic School?

Why attend traffic school

Generally, a driver can go to traffic school if she/he has a valid driver’s license and her/his ticket is for a moving violation. It won’t be possible to go to Traffic School for non-moving violations. A moving violation will get drivers a ticket, a fine, and if the courtesy decide, the chance to take traffic school. Drivers are eligible to attend traffic schools once every eighteen months. This rule goes from the driver’s last violation.

Other considerations are:
  • People which violation was a misdemeanour, alcohol related or if the violation has a mandatory Court appearance don't need to attend to traffic school
  • People with a commercial driver's license, are not able to attend a traffic school.
  • People can attend traffic school when they receive a courtesy notice saying they are eligible to attend a traffic school.
  • It is necessary that people pay the amount due for traffic school to the Court. It is listed on the courtesy note. After the Court send a document that is an agreement to attend a traffic school. When people receive this document they can register on a traffic school.
  • The traffic school must be approved by the Court.
There are other cases when people want to attend traffic school, for instance a person who wants a refresher course because of driving laws change continuously, someone who wants to brush up on driving and feel more confident in understanding driving laws, etc. These people can take the course in a traffic school just for the personal benefits it offers. This is a way to prevent to get a traffic ticket.

What are moving violations?

When a traffic law is violated by a vehicle in motion, it is considered a moving violation. On the other hand a non-moving violation refers to a car that is not in motion. Generally moving violations are more severe than the other, the fines are higher in that case it is because of the potential for an accident or other dangers they may cause a moving violations.

The laws for moving violations vary between states, counties, and cities. People have to be sure that they are aware of their rights and obligations. These violations are ranked differently by severity as far as fines, possible jail time and punitive points assigned.

There is a difference between moving traffic violations with other infractions such as parking violations or driving with an expired inspection sticker, meanwhile in these infractions the owner of the car is charged in a moving violation, the person who drives the car at the moment to comment the law violation is charged.

To a moving violation points are assigned. The number of them depends on the possibility to cause harm. Point systems vary from state to state and even from jurisdictions. A driver can lose her/his license for an amount of time if she/he got enough points.

Moving violations put DMV points on your license.There is a wide range of moving traffic violations or offenses. Some examples are:

A non movin traffic violation refers to defective equipment or parking. Some examples are:
  • Parking in a prohibited space such as a bus stop.
  • Parking longer than the maximum permitted time.
  • Fix it tickets regarding the car equipment like broken lights, no front plate or tinted windows, etc.
  • Driving without insurance.

Traffic School Requirements

Person who wants to take traffic school courses must not have attended traffic school within 18 months of the issue date of his/her present citation and have a valid driver’s license. It is also needed to complete the following steps:
  • Making a request to the Court. Requests to attend Traffic School made in person at any County Superior Court location or by mail.
  • Pay Bail amount plus administrative fee. It can be done in person, by mail or by credit card.
  • After making the payment and send the Traffic School request, people will be provided with a list of DMV certified schools in the area area.
  • People must to choose a DMV accredited traffic school course.
  • After chossing and contact the school people must arrange a session. Traffic Schools such as private businesses charge fees to attend.
  • Generally the court allow people 60 days from sign-up date to complete Traffic School.
After complete the course people must submit original Traffic School completion certificate to the Court.

Most traffic schools provide students with a list of requirements and items people who attend the class need to bring with him/her, along with any manuals they must read.